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..:::Welcome To The City:::..

::..This place is the meaning of dark..::

Welcome to the city..............
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[About this place]
Welcome to the year 2010. Where assassians' run wild and people are killed off left and right. The ruling family of this chaos is the Hayatta family.

Amongst the dark streets small but affective organizations rule the hearts and minds of the citizens. Each one holding it's own place in the dark scociety, the number one is Akatsuki.

All are supposed to fear them, but there are those who don't. Those few are like the light in the dark, even if they themselve's don't know. Now that the world is spinning in the wrong direction who will come out on top. Will it be the men in black coats' or the people who have no clue on who they are. This is where the "ninja" step in.

Welcome to the darkest of dark.

We work on the three strike system. Break our rules three times, and we will kick you out without any questions asked. Now onto the specifics:

[You will need four things:]
- Proper grammar and good English knowledge. Type like an intelligent human. Chat speak and l33t are no-no's.

[You need]
- A Livejournal (for your character, that is).
- An email address.
- An AIM Screen Name.

[You will NOT:]
- God-mod or Power-play.
- Be disrespectful or mean.
- Bash another person's interpretation of a character.
- Force a pairing on someone else's character just because you enjoy the couple. Discuss it with the other player first.

[You will:]
- Be respectful.
- Be mature.
- Post in the out of character community if you're going to be gone for a while, or taking any form of hiatus from the game.
- Be open minded, whether it's on sexuality, opinion, pairing or interpretation.
- Have fun!

[How we RP:]
- First person in journals, and third person in logs/on the community, etc.
- Through journal entries. Make your journal after you're approved. Post your own entries, and comment to others!
- Through group community RP posts.
- Through AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).
If you do not have a AIM don't worry about it, if you do not wish to post your AIM in the APP then tell me and be sure to post it in your characters LJ profile.

- Jump RPing is discouraged due to the disorienting nature of the interaction.
- AIM RP can be in whatever format pleases you and the other involved parties. Remember, communication is key!
- LJ-ify your roleplays before pasting!

[When Posting, Please:]
- Label any material over PG-13 and and place it behind a cut. Also, long posts (more than four good sized paragraphs) belong behind cuts as well.
- We follow the Gregorian Calendar. If it is the 9th of August for you, it is the 9th of August for your character.
- RP logs are always to be posted in third person, past tense in the main community, and hidden behind an LJ-cut.
- If you don't know how to lj-cut, go here and learn.
- Label your logs as follows:
Who: (Characters present and/or those allowed to reply.)
What: (For a log, a brief summary. For a RP, a general idea statement.)
Where: (Location.)
When: (General time of occurrence or beginning.)
Warning(s): (Any applicable warnings on rating of material or similar such things.)

[Be sure to not do the following]
- Do not create an LJ for this group until approved by the mod.
- Do not demand an already taken character.
- Do not apply as a 'made-up'. Official Naruto characters only. These 'made-up' creatures and you will be brutally slaughtered because OC's belong in fanfics not RPs

Only apply if you have time to RP!
- Try to stay in character.
- Do not try to play more than two characters at one time, unless given a mod's permission.
- Be active. Post a log, journal entry, or comment at least once bi-weekly.

[If there is a problem]
Now if for some reason someone is making the RP stop or making you feel uncomfortable then tell me through my journal (dj_shadow060). Do it on any entry, be sure to put "Comm Issue" In comment header though.

Sarutobi Hokage - OPEN

Yondaime - OPEN
Rin - OPEN
Obito - OPEN

Tsunade - OPEN
Jiraiya - open
Orochimaru - open

Sai- open
Uchiha Sasuke -avenger_16 AIM: animelovingwolf
Yamato - OPEN
Haruno Sakura -pinkluv4sasuke AIM: NekoKittyChan92
Uzumaki Naruto - open

Hyuuga Hinata - Reserved
Inuzuka Kiba - open
Abumare Shino - OPEN

Yamanaka Ino - open
Akimichi Chouji - open
Nara Shikamaru - open

Rock Lee - Open
Hyuuga Neji - OPEN
TenTen - Resevered

Gaara - OPEN
Temari - Open
Kankurou - OPEN

Kin Tsuchi - OPEN
Zaku Abumi - OPEN
Dosu Kinuta - OPEN

Mitarashi Anko - OPEN
Morino Ibiki - OPEN
Umino Iruka - Open
Shiranui Genma - OPEN
Namiashi Raidou - OPEN
Yamashiro Aoba - OPEN

Maito Gai - open
Hatake Kakashi - open
Yuuhi Kurenai -dancing_blossom AIM: LilWolfGurl14
Sarutobi Asuma - OPEN
Aburame Shibi - OPEN
Akimichi Chouza - OPEN
Nara Shikaku - OPEN
Yamanaka Inoichi - OPEN
Inuzuka Tsume - OPEN
Abumare Shibi - OPEN
Baki - OPEN

Umino Iruka - OPEN
Suzume - OPEN
Nara Yoshino - OPEN
Hana Inuzuka - OPEN
Izumo Kamizuki - open
Kotetsu Hagane - open
Mizuki - OPEN

Momochi Zabuza - OPEN
Haku - OPEN

Itachi -master_redeyes AIM: LilWolfGurl14
Kisame - OPEN
Hidan - OPEN
Kakuzu - OPEN
Deidara - OPEN
Zetsu - OPEN
Tobi - open
Leader - OPEN
Sasori - OPEN

Tayuya - open
Jirobo - OPEN
Ukon - OPEN
Sakon - OPEN
Kidomaru - OPEN
Kimimaro - OPEN

Ebisu - OPEN
Tsume Inuzuka - OPEN
Sakumo Hatake - OPEN
Dan - OPEN
Kabuto - open
Shizume - OPEN
Hyuuga Hanabi - open
Pakkun - OPEN
Gekkou Hayate - OPEN
Yashamaru - OPEN

etc, etc. You can take characters who died in the manga. =D! And each player can have two characters.

[The OOC Comm link]